Network meetings

During the lunch breaks on Thursday and Friday you will have the opportunity to go to the network meetings to discuss current and future ideas for the network(s) you are interested or involved in.

Thursday April 13, 13.00-14.00

  • Room B34    Antiquity
  • Room B33    Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • Room B23    Criminal Justice
  • Room B32    Culture
  • Room B22    Economic History
  • Volvosalen  Education and Childhood
  • SEB salen    Ethnicity and Migration
  • Room E44   Health and Environment  
  • Room E43   Religion
  • Room B44   Science and Technology
  • Room E45   Theory and Historiography
  • Room C33   Urban
  • Room C24   Women and Gender

 Friday April 14,  13.00-14.00

  • Room B34    Elites and Forerunners
  • Room B 33   Family and Demography
  • Room B23    Global History
  • Room B32    Labour
  • Room B22    Material and Consumer Culture
  • Volvosalen  Middle Ages
  • SEB salen    Oral History
  • Room E44    Politics, Citizenship and Nations
  • Room E43    Rural
  • Room B44    Sexuality
  • Room E45    Social Inequality
  • Room C33    Spatial and Digital History