Wednesday 21 October: The ESSHC 2020, postponed to 24-27 March 2021, goes digital.


We  have decided to change the postponed the ESSHC in March 2021 into an online event.

As a live conference in March 2021 is not a viable option given the ongoing global Covid-19 crisis, we have chosen to go digital. Thus, we want to give the ESSHC community the opportunity to present, discuss, network and stay connected, in a virtual environment.  


Wednesday 1 April: Mark Hup wins Jan Lucassen Award 2020!

This year’s Jan Lucassen Award goes to Mark Hup from the University of California (Irvine), where he is preparing his PhD thesis in economics under the guidance of Professor Dan Bogart.

For his paper: Corvée Labour and State Expansion in Colonial Indonesia

From the jury report:
“The paper, which engages with labour history and economic history, is well structured, clear in the methodology used that combines social sciences and history. We find here an excellent combination of empirical historical research and social science theory and techniques. Besides, the theoretical premises are not as narrow as in much econometric-statistical research, but here they encompass both economic, social and political motivations, and Hup shows how to disentangle these.”

“Mark will receive the prize because he critically combines theory and history, he builds a new database proxying the expansion of the State with some variables such as the density of the state officials, the availability of wage labour and the industrialization process.”

The Jury also awarded two honourable mentions to
– Henning Bovenkerk for his paper: Silk for Peasants? Global goods in rural households in the 17th and 18th century Northwestern Germany
– Emmanuel Falguières for his paper: Land Ownership as a Social Practice in the United States. A Case Study from Kansas, 1870-1930


You can read the full jury report here

The award and honourable mentions will be presented at the General Meeting of the postponed ESSHC in March 2021

Wednesday 11 March: ESSHC New Date

Dear participants,

In this message I will try to address some of the urgent questions that came up after the e-mail about postponing the ESSHC.

New date for the ESSHC: 24 - 27 March 2021

We will try to reconstruct the programme as it was when it went to print i.e. including participants that had already cancelled because of the Corona crisis.

Your acceptance in the conference with your paper or session remains. If in the course of this year you wish to update your abstract or paper title, please let us know and we will make the changes. NB Complete change of topic? New participants in your session? Please contact your network chairs.
Some reshuffling may be necessary, but there is now plenty of time to do so.

The fee you paid is of course valid for the new date.

Should you unfortunately not be able to attend in March next year, you can cancel your registration under the normal conditions.

The 14th ESSHC is scheduled for 2022. (So we will not change our roster from even to odd years).

Best regards,Els Kuperus (Organizer ESSHC)

Tuesday 10 March: The ESSHC 2020 Postponed because of corona crisis!

Dear participants,

We are  very sorry to let you know that due to the escalating number of cancellations, as well as the increasingly stringent measures taken by a number of authorities and universities – including exit prohibitions and quarantine obligations pertaining to the corona virus - we have decided to postpone the ESSHC-conference to March 2021, again in Leiden. Although this will not come as a complete surprise, we realize that this may cause all kind of practical inconveniences for which we sincerely apologize. However, we think that this is the best possible decision in the given circumstances and very much hope to see you all next year,  in Leiden.

New date: 24-27 March 2021

Best wishes,Els Kuperus (Organizer ESSHC)Leo Lucassen (Director of Research IISH)