About Networks

The ESSHC papers and sessions are organised in many networks covering specific topics.   

What is a network?

The networks are created to organize and structure the conference program.  With at least a 1000 papers and 375 sessions per conference it is important to streamline both the acceptance and programming processes.  Networks also make it easier for participants to find their way in and around the program.  To propose your paper or a session to a network, you do not have to be a member (as the networks do not have members) or a regular.  When you send in your proposal (online!) you simply select the network you think fits your subject best. When in doubt, contact the chairs of the network(s) you are considering. 

It is quite feasible that you will select a different network than before, as your research topic has shifted to another area.

The networks are led by voluntary chairs, experts in their field.

What a network is not.

A network is NOT a small association or club within the ESSHC organisation.