Social Inequality Network


The Social Inequality network deals with patterns and processes of social inequality, its causes and consequences globally. Any topic within this realm is welcome: e.g. charity, mutual aid, philanthropy, welfare, social stratification, income differences, segregation, and mobility.

Please submit sessions, or an individual paper, on the broad area of Social Inequality and Solidarity.

Topics may include, but are certainly not limited to: 

  1. Comparisons and explanations of inequalities, and the role of elites, middle classes and the poor; issues of gender, ethnicity, educational, labor, wage inequalities, social segregation, social mobility, social homogamy, careers. 
  2. Solidarity in myriad forms: philanthropy, charity, mutualism, public welfare, social and support networks etc 
  3. Sources and methods, e.g. bibliographical dictionaries, particular archives, web scraping, methods to process data, estimation methods 

Our network covers a wide range of issues related to social inequalities in history. Our previous participants raised issues of gender, educational, labor, wage inequalities in selected territories as well as comparatively. As always, our network will meet to discuss our performance and future plans. Everyone is invited to participate. Not sure if our network is for you? This is the list of topics presented by our participants in previous conferences: Women in Changing Labour Markets (occupational mobility, labour force participation,  wages); Mutual aid, state provision, welfare state (health insurance, poor relief); Inequalities in Late Medieval Europe (spatial inequalities, social stratification); Social stratification and mobility (marriage ties, education and social classes); Economic and wealth inequalities (incomes, taxes, wealth).