Urban Network


This network focuses on the rich subfield of urban history, operating under the premise that cities and towns - as a nexus of human interaction - serve as a helpful lens into broader social dynamics. We examine life in urban spaces, how communities within cities interact and coexist, as well as processes of city formation and urbanization. Many important social, economic, cultural, political and demographic processes and events played out in urban environments, such as mobility, migration, social inequality, mortality, labour, gender, and sexuality. In this network but we especially welcome papers that explore how the urban also helped shape such historical processes and was in turn shaped by them.

Topics of interest: 

  • The (historical) nature of cities – typology of cities
  • Processes of urbanization
  • The built environment
  • Urban social histories   
  • Inter- and intra-urban social inequalities
  • Space and social identity
  • Urban culture, modernity and diversity
  • Mobility and migration
  • Power and governance​