Africa Network


The European Social Science and History Conference (ESSHC) is an interdisciplinary, academic event. The aim of the ESSHC is to bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using both historical and social sciences’ methodologies. The ESSHC offers the possibility for research on Africa to dialogue with other regions on particular social science and historical issues.   

Since interdisciplinarity constitutes the essence of African studies, and area studies more in general, the ESSHC represents a unique venue to present research on Africa, within the various subjects covered by the numerous ESSHC networks.

African studies paper and panel proposals are dealt by the ESSHC/Africa Network chairs. In coordination with the panel and paper presenters, the Africa Network chairs facilitate the collaboration of Africanists with other networks. The overall aim is to offer Africanists the possibility to present their research amidst various academic networks and regional contexts that do not normally interact with African Studies. However, it remains possible to propose panels and papers only on African case-studies and exclusively on African Studies.  


The Africa Network of the ESSHC welcomes all Africanists interested in exchanging their interests and research with other regions of the world and a vast array of historical and social science disciplines.